Niki Haringsma is a fast working and thorough editor of both fiction and non-fiction prose. Highly recommended for writers requiring another set of eyes for any and all projects.

— James K. Maddox


Niki’s a unique voice in the world of writing, seamlessly bouncing from prose crafted liked glasswork to critical discourse sharp as a blade. But Niki’s editing skills are on another level. Never before have I had work of mine handled so expertly and professionally. It’s a thorough job, and while one might feel their stomach drop seeing all the scribblings and notes, it’s genuinely some of the cleanest and best editing any writer is going to get.

Jacob Black


Niki Haringsma is a skilled copyeditor who has often helped me out with academic books, journal articles and other non-fiction. Her attention to detail, fast processing and constructive suggestions make her a truly effective editor.

Nicolle Lamerichs, PhD


Your level of diligence is admirable and a little intimidating!

Philip Marsh


Niki has consistently provided relevant and constructive feedback. His attention to detail demonstrates the highest level of professionalism.

— Yann Chen, MA


Niki helped make my story be more realistic, and helped me when I was checking to see if my story fell into problematic clichés.

— Charles Whitt


Niki is everything you could want in an editor: very quick and precise with a great sense of humour.

Simon Otjes, PhD